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Akustický identifikátor kabelu Cl 4000

  • Patent pending Audio-Fiber Technology 
  • Developed for practical field applications & requirements for large telecomm customers 
  • Detect minute mechanical perturbation (tapping) of the optical cable at remote sites & office 
  • Audio/visual detection of target cable at noisy conditions 
  • Large dynamic range up to optical loss of 50dB  (Which corresponds to 200 km-span fibers assuming 0.25dB/km loss)

Akustický identifikátor kabelu Cl 4000

The FIBERPRO Acoustic Fiber Cable IdentifierTM , AFCIDTM is developed for the Telecommunication engineers and technicians who are looking for a user friendly, easy and non-invasive method and instrument for identifying a desired target fiber optic cable in manholes, tunnels, conduits, and etc. With the CI 4000, the user can easily recognize the target optical cable by gently tapping on it. This non-invasive tapping produces an audio and visual detection by the system. In other words the technician can literally hear and see the target cable. The patent pending innovation of the CI 4000 provides a new non-invasive way of fiber optic cable identification that does not require cutting, bending, freezing of the fiber cable. This instrument is a very useful outside plant tool that greatly reduces time and expense of total circuit management, maintenance and repair of fiber optic cables and networks


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