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OmniCure LX500

Ultra-Compact UV LED Spot Curing System for a Consistent, Repeatable Curing Process

Utilizing advanced UV LED technology, the OmniCure LX500 spot curing system has been uniquely designed with proprietary Intelli-Lamp®technology that monitors LED head temperature, lifetime data, and automatically maintains optical stability +/- 5% to provide greater degree of process assurance for your application. Available in either 2 or 4 channel configurations, the OmniCure LX500 is the most flexible and cost effective option for industrial manufacturing.

The OmniCure LX500 system controller offers a robust and intuitive user interface with the ability to control up to four UV LED spot curing heads simultaneously or independently at different wavelengths: 365nm, 385nm and 400nm. For long term stability of the light source, the New LED heads can be calibrated to tight tolerances to ensure a repeatable curing process and precise control of the UV irradiance. The LX500 features StepCure® 2.0 which allows the operator to program different profiles within a single LED Head or multiple LED Heads across each channel.

R2000 UV Radiometer

UV Radiometer & System Calibration Meter

Radiometry is an essential link for measuring the light output from a UV curing system in order to maintain a repeatable process. The OmniCure®R2000 UV Radiometer can be combined with the OmniCure S2000 Spot UV Curing System to provide a complete curing station with unmatched control and repeatability. Special electronics built into the R2000 UV Radiometer also allow for the connection of custom sensors that measure light energy directly at the cure site or within cure ring bonding fixtures.

OmniCure S1500

Powerful & Versatile Spot UV Curing Mercury Lamp System

The OmniCure® S1500 spot UV curing lamp provides automated manufacturers with industry leading control, reliability, and high intensity irradiance in a versatile UV mercury lamp system. Offering precise control of UV lamp output and high-speed shutter activation capabilities, the OmniCure S1500 spot UV curing lamp is ideal for the high-throughput UV adhesive curing and automated bonding processes involved in microelectronic and optoelectronic manufacturing.

Similar to the advanced OmniCure S2000, the OmniCure S1500 spot UV curing lamp benefits from the unique and patented 200 Watt Intelli-Lamp® technology with a typical UV mercury lamp life of up to 4,000 hours and a minimum 2,000 hour lamp strike guarantee. Quick and effective UV adhesive curing is achieved with high intensity irradiance of up to 23W/cm2.

OmniCure S2000

Spot UV Light Curing System with Intelligent UV Sensor

The OmniCure® S2000 spot UV curing lamp system offers the highest level of process control and consistency with real-time Closed-Loop Feedback technology using an integrated optical UV sensor. When paired with an OmniCure R2000 radiometer, the S2000 light curing system is unmatched in precision light delivery and repeatable adhesive curing results.

When it comes to peace-of-mind and the consistent results of a production process, the OmniCure S2000 is recognized as the global leader in spot UV curing lamp systems for bonding precision assemblies using light-cured adhesives.  With a powerful 200 Watt UV lamp output, broad spectral adhesive compatibility and automatic hours of use tracking via its patented Intelli-Lamp® technology, the S2000 is the most value-added and intelligent UV curing lamp system of its kind.

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