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AC Series Optical Adaptors

The OmniCure® AC series of high power UV LED curing solutions offers optical adaptors to suit a wide range of applications and customer needs. Applying over 30 years of experience in optics, OmniCure provides a portfolio of adaptors customized for use with the OmniCure AC4 and AC7 Series of UV LED systems.

Collimating Adaptor

OmniCure® Adjustable Spot Collimating Adaptor

The adjustable collimating adaptor is ideal for any application that requires a uniform spot from 1\" up to 6\"(2.54cm to 15.2cm). The benefit for equal distribution of power will allow the user to cure adhesive evenly without having to compensate for uneven light distribution.

OmniCure CV300

Small Volume Production Conveyor

Designed to complement the OmniCure® AC series of high power UV LED area curing systems, the new OmniCure CV300 is a versatile conveyor system suitable for production, laboratory and Research & Development applications.

The CV300 can handle substrates up to 310mm (12.2”) wide on its open mesh Teflon® coated fiberglass belt with an effective curing area of up to 300mm (12”) depending on the OmniCure LED system being utilized. The unique mounting design of the OmniCure CV300 conveyor allows for multiple configurations of the OmniCure AC Series high power UV LED curing systems. The length of the LED systems can be positioned perpendicular to the conveyor belt’s direction of travel or in 15 degree steps towards a parallel orientation.

The conveyor belt speed can be set from 1m/min (3ft/min) up to 14.5m/min (48ft/min) in 0.3m/min (1ft/min) increments. The OmniCure CV300 features a digital readout to conveniently set the appropriate speed.

The OmniCure CV300 system includes safety features such as light guards, an e-stop and an interlock connection for turning off the LED head when the belt is stopped.

Fiber Light Guides

OmniCure® High Power Fiber Light Guide

The OmniCure High-Power Fiber Light Guide supplies an equal distribution of light energy to multiple cure sites from a single light source. New technology provides over 50% more throughput power than industry-standard fiber guides for greater flexibility in your curing process. In addition, these light guides offer over 30% more power than standard multi-legged Liquid Light Guides and do not require balancing.

Fiber Light Line

OmniCure® High Power Fiber Light Line

The High Power Fiber Light Line utilizes technology developed in the high power fiber light guides to provide a high output linear beam of curing energy. The fibers are continuous from the light guide input to termination eliminating coupling losses seen with standard light line accessories. Ideal for bonding of main seal, chip on glass, TAB & flexible printed circuit on flat panel displays.

Liquid Light Guides

OmniCure® Liquid Light Guides

Available in 3, 5 and 8mm tip diameters, these Light Guides are an economical choice for light delivery. Standard lengths range from 750 to 3000mm. Dual and triple-leg configurations are available for multi-site curing. Extended range guides deliver additional energy in lower wavelengths for tack-free cures.

OmniCure PLC2000

Intelligent External PLC Controller for AC Series UV LED Curing Systems

The OmniCure® PLC2000 is an innovative product accessory specially designed to complement the OmniCure AC Series of high power UV LED curing systems. When connected to an OmniCure AC Series UV LED head, this multipurpose external controller device enables the immediate ability to intelligently manage, monitor, and control an LED system.

Providing unparalleled control of the OmniCure UV LED lamp systems, the PLC2000 can be used to dynamically adjust the output intensity, exposure time, and on/off capabilities while providing system information and error monitoring. With flexibility of operating the PLC2000 locally or remotely through an automated system, the portable and compact PLC controller is well suited for use in manufacturing environments, laboratory or research & development applications.

S2E Network Module

Ethernet Adapter for Enhanced UV Curing System Monitoring

The OmniCure® S2E network module is designed to save time on maintenance and keep production running smoothly with remote process monitoring and UV curing equipment control. The S2E complements the OmniCure family of S-Series spot UV curing systems, offering the same high level of innovation, quality and reliability that customers have come to expect.

The OmniCure S2E Ethernet adapter enables production facilities to join a new era of connectivity with the ability to remotely access up to 300 UV curing systems within a local area network, while simultaneously monitoring their activity and maintenance requirements through the OmniCure Monitoring Station software.

OmniCure SC Series

The OmniCure® SC Series system controllers are tailored specifically for the OmniCure AC Series UV LED curing products. Designed with application flexibility in mind, customers can select the system controller that best meets the needs of their particular curing application. With a small form factor, the OmniCure SC0650 is suitable for many single LED head applications with minimal existing customer infrastructure requirements and quickest commissioning time.

The OmniCure SC0750, SC1000, SC2000 and SC3000 system controllers integrate seamlessly into standard industrial equipment racking, providing multiple power outputs in a robust, high-density, and scalable solution for large area curing applications.

UV Cure Ring

OmniCure® UV Cure Ring Optical Adapter

Cure Ring technology allows a Light Guide 360° of curing power. The standard ring for use with Liquid Light Guides is available in solid or slotted versions. Cure Rings are ideal for bonding a number of medical devices such as catheters and also tubes, cables or any other parts that need 360°curing.

UV Light Line

OmniCure® UV Light Line Optical Adapter

The UV Light Line Optical Adapter will convert the Light Guide\'s spot of light into a focused, linear beam of curing energy. The Light Line efficiently cures small rows of components, inks on tubing and cable, anything that requires up to two inch of line length. It also performs tacking and strain relief of multi-strand wiring, as well as edge bonding of flat panel displays.

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