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Fibernet Launch Lead: FUTURA

  • It can be held in the palm of one hand: 4 times smaller than standard launch boxes
  • 3 mm armoured external pigtail
  • Patented blocking system for a 100% fiber optics protection
  • Patchcord lenght can be easily adjusted by the user
  • Label can be customized with your own logo
  • Soft case with shoulder straps available for either 1 or 3 FUTURAs.

Fibernet Launch Lead: FUTURA

A fiber launch lead is a passive optical equipment used with OTDR for the testing of a fiber optics link. It is made of a coiled optical fiber and it helps eliminate the OTDR “dead zone area”.
FIBERNET is presenting the brand new FUTURA: a superior Made in Italy quality for an innovative and classy product.
UTURA is the new fiber launch entirely designed, manufactured and patented by Fibernet.
An innovative solution thought to make installers activity more comfortable and practical.

Produkt manažer:

Marcel Mondočko
Technický špecialista predaja
Tomáš Mrázek
Servis a technická podpora


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